Jack’s Story

On July 2, 2008 we were struck with the news no parent wants to hear, that our son had cancer.  Jack, who just turned three in May, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  During a routine three-year old physical, and demonstrating no symptoms, our pediatrician noted a discrepancy in the blood drawn for his lead test.  The blood showed abnormal levels of red blood cells requiring further tests.  Upon the recommendation of our pediatrician, we immediately packed our children and went to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  Thankfully, we live near the best cancer hospitals in the world so it was a short trip.After a sleepless night and an arsenal of tests in the Emergency Room, we were admitted to Mass General’s 17th floor and an initial diagnosis was given.  Later that day a bone marrow biopsy was conducted and confirmed that Jack had ALL type B.  While we struggled with this devastating news, we immersed ourselves into a medical world that we never wanted to know. As we stayed in the hospital with our oldest child learning more about the regiments of chemotherapy our son would endure over the next three years, our family and friends searched for ways to support us.  Family and friends began sharing the news of our son Jack.  While no one wants to imagine their own child fighting cancer, reality hit home.  Immediately a network formed and money was raised in support of “my buddy Jack.”  Amazed by the outpouring of support we realized how fortunate we were to have such caring and compassionate family and friends.  We were then struck with the question of other families who have to deal with this difficult diagnosis.  At that time we realized that “my buddy Jack” had more meaning.  The statement originated with Jack’s buddies supporting him and our family, but has now grown.  “My buddy Jack” continues to grow by supporting other families going through this difficult ordeal.  The purpose of “My Buddy Jack” is to be a support emotionally and financially to other families as they travel this difficult road.